Our Process

1) Design & Estimate

We offer complimentary design and estimates. The best way to start this process is to visit the showroom and see our products in person. Using a floor plan or dimensions of your space, our staff will help you make the design choices required to start your project estimate. For example, you will choose your cabinet wood type, door style and custom finish options, as well as the construction, interior material, and drawer guide options, among other details. If these terms are new to you, don’t worry. We will be more than happy to take the time to explain these in more detail and show you samples of these products in our showroom.

2) Job Site Measure

Once your estimate is complete, any changes are made, and you have signed our proposal, we will schedule a date for our cabinet designer to complete a detailed job-site measure. A measure will typically last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the size and scope of your space. During this appointment, our kitchen designer will record accurate measurements and of the space. These measurements are the foundation for your cabinet designs and will allow our team to create face elevation drawings along with 3-D drawings of your space.

3) Drawings & Review

You can typically expect to see computer cabinet drawings of your new cabinetry within one week of your job-site measure. Our kitchen designer will schedule a time for you to come back to our showroom to review these drawings and make any final design decisions, such as stain or paint colors, location of pan drawers, roll-outs, custom storage solutions, or your countertop design. If you are able to make final decisions on these elements at this time, we’ll ask for your signature and will move your project into production.

4) Design Approval

If you need a little more time to make final decisions, this is your time to do so. We have a variety of samples for you to take home with you and compare to your flooring, backsplash materials or appliance finishes. You’ll want to make these decisions as soon as possible, since we won’t be able to move your project into production until all design elements have been approved.

5) Assembly & Finishing

When we have your approval on the details of your cabinet project, we will begin the production process. All of our cabinetry is custom-built in our Paso Robles shop and finished in-house with our custom stains, paints and conversion varnish. At this time we will also schedule your installation date so you know when to plan any necessary demolition or preparation work prior to the installation of your new cabinets. Once your cabinets are assembled and your custom finishes have been applied, your cabinets will be ready for our team to deliver and install.

6) Delivery & Installation

We bid our custom cabinetry and countertop projects with delivery & installation included. While the duration of installations vary, most cabinet installations are completed within a few days. If your project is a remodel, keep in mind you will need to hire someone to remove your existing cabinets and prepare the space for new cabinets prior to your installation date.

Countertop installation will be scheduled on a separate date than cabinet installation. Countertops require a template, which is created after cabinets are installed. There is typically a 2-4 week turnaround between templating and installation. While countertop installation typically does not take as much time as cabinets, it is wise to block off a full day in your construction timeline.