Cleaning & Maintenance

Cabinet Care

We recommend using the following cleaning solutions when caring for your custom wood cabinets.

  • Commercial cleaners such as Howard Products or Old English, containing no wax, silicone or solvents.

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First, dust any light dirt and debris that is sitting on the surface of your cabinets with a clean lint-free cloth. Wipe with a clean, soft, damp cloth and dry immediately.

If you choose to use a cleaning solution, use a soft cloth to test the cleaner of your choice on a small discrete area of your cabinet surface. If the solution works well, focus on spot cleaning tough stains or spills first.

If you need a little extra grit, try using a soft toothbrush to gently scrub around hardware and crevices. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the wood.

Wipe down your hardware and the inside of drawers and doors with your damp cloth. Next, wipe down the surface of your cabinet doors and drawers. Finally, dry all surfaces with a clean, soft cloth. Repeat this process for surfaces that are particularly stubborn.

Avoid harsh chemicals

  • Avoid ammonia or bleach based cleaners and soaps with dye.

  • Do not use soap pads, steel wool, or abrasive cleaners.

  • Do not use solvent-based or petroleum-based cleaners.

  • Do not use a dish cloth as it may contain grease or detergents.

  • Do not use waxes or polishes containing silicone or solvents.

Avoid excessive moisture

  • Wipe up spills and water spots immediately so that moisture is not absorbed into the cabinetry.

  • Ensure that water does not drip or puddle in areas around the sink or dishwasher.

  • Do not drape wet towels on the finish.

  • Place coffee makers and kettles so that the steam is not directed onto the finish.

Corian® CounterTop Care

To maintain the quality of your Corian® countertops, we recommend cleaning with Soft Scrub. You may visit the Corian® website for a full care and maintenance guide. The beauty of Corian® is that most scratches and cuts can be sanded and refinished by authorized fabricators.

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Corian® Quartz CounterTop Care

To maintain the quality of your Corian® Quartz countertops, we recommend following the tips outlined in the full care and maintenance guide on the Corian® Quartz website.

Cambria® Quartz CounterTop Care

To maintain the quality of your Cambria® Quartz countertops, we recommend only using cleaning products that have been approved by Cambria®. We also recommend you avoid applying sudden, excessive heat to this surface, and always use closed-weave hot pads or solid trivets under hot pots, pans, or appliances. You may view the list of approved cleaners and read the full care and maintenance guide on the Cambria® website.

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